Woman in Love

Hard to believe, but Barbra Streisand, one of America’s most remarkable musical divas, turned 70 last week.

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Are you ready for international business?

Several days ago I saw a very interesting business card. The translation was so awful that I can't miss the chance to share it with others. I already tried to call the owner — but Holidays no one took the phone.
This is it:
— original:

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  • 17 апреля 2012, 10:50
  • Beep
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Feeling Good

«Feeling Good” is a song written for the 1965 musical ”The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd” (about the gap between the upper and lower classes of British society in the 1960s). The musical was not a success and would have been long ago forgotten if not for it's “Feeling Good” song, which is popular for half a century already.
Nina Simone's version of the song is one of the best known.

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  • 15 апреля 2012, 11:28
  • Groma
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Beatlemania takes a new Direction!

For those who like «One Direction» — their most popular songs with lyrics :)

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На гребне волны

English Cinema Club языкового центра Гимназии № 8 приглашает на просмотр художественного фильма: Point Break.

Жанр: боевик, триллер
Дата и время: 1 апреля 2012, 11.00. Показ бесплатный.

Режиссер: Кэтрин Бигелоу
В ролях: Патрик Суэйзи, Киану Ривз и другие.
Таинственная банда серфингистов, среди белого дня, совершает ограбления банков.Полиция и ФБР поражены профессиональностью и скоростью проведения преступлений.

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  • 27 марта 2012, 14:47
  • PRiPrava
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No handshakes please

According to Daily Mirror , British athletes have been warned not to shake their rivals' hands at the London Olympics in case they catch a bug

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  • 06 марта 2012, 16:57
  • Groma
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Engelbert Humperdinck is to represent Britain at the Eurovision-2012

Engelbert Humperdinck…
What a legend! What an unforgettable voice from the 70-s.
And what a radical new direction of the brains behind the UK entry — Humperdinck will be representing Great Britain for 2012 Eurovision Song Contest :)

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  • 02 марта 2012, 11:26
  • Groma
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New Video Review of Cafe Brigantina in Sochi

Friday night, Head Chef and Owner, Martial Simonneau sat down with me in his Cafe Brigantina. We talked about food, his plans for the future and then I tried and reviewed several items from his menu. Please take a look at the video:

Sochi Train Station Video

Trains stations are much more central to the life of a Russian city than anyplace in America. So on my tour of Sochi's central landmarks, I included this important transport hub. Please take a look and share my video!

Red Rocks Music Festival

Greetings!!! My partners at clubstars_ru told me that I should register here and introduce myself to the community. Please feel free to ask me any questions! I will be glad to connect with you… Also, I have attached the video of the concert and interviews with the performers from the Red Rocks Festival on Saturday.

  • 20 февраля 2012, 15:01
  • BruceTalley
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Can you see it? Spread the fear...

Lately Twitter and Facebook users have been exchanging misterious pictures with each other. These pictures look ordinal at first, but if you took a closer look you could detect the terrifying faces in them.
They could just be a trick of the light… or something else…
Have a look at the two most popular and terrifying pictures.

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  • 05 февраля 2012, 09:10
  • Groma
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A publicity stunt to sell the product

This footage was caught on January 25th, 2012 in Colorado where a female professional snowboarder was riding down a mountain and triggered a sizeable avalanche.

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  • 05 февраля 2012, 08:12
  • Groma
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Probably the best advert I've seen for a long time

Yesterday I saw the advertisement of The Weight Watchers programme (UK) and found it really inspiring and uplifting.

The Weight Watchers programme (WW) www.weightwatchers.co.uk/plan/index.aspx is a sort of mutual aid movement — something like well known “Alcoholics Anonymous”.

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  • 31 января 2012, 14:48
  • Groma
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Bruce Talley's series on Sochi, Russia #1

На прошлой неделе обсуждали с Брюсом Талли тот факт что уже 2012 год, а Сочи абсолютно не готов к приему иностранных туристов и вообще людей говорящих на английском!
Совместно с ним, мы решили создавать еженедельный видео-журнал для иностранных туристов, который будет показывать город Сочи глазами англоговорящего человека! Что то вроде видеогида по основным объектам иностранного гостеприимства города!

Sochi, Russia’s Olympic city and pulsing beach resort, sits between the Black Sea and the lofty Caucasus Mountains. In this video series, American Bruce Talley explores Sochi, reviews the hotels and restaurants and chronciles events in this boomtown of mountain sports and beach living.

Part 1 of Bruce Talley’s video series on Sochi, Russia: The seaport and city center
  • 27 января 2012, 09:59
  • Clubstars_ru
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